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I am playing “Hymn of Promise” with Artist Debra J. Nesgoda for my mother’s Memorial. I would love to use the beautiful video of your photographs seen on UTube . Do you sell the video? Where can I get it? I need this in by mid April.
Your photographs are always so inspiring! I love seeing them as they are updated here.
13.Lynne Townsend Photography...Providing Exceptional HDR Real Estate Photography

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience we had with you yesterday while doing Mackenzie’s senior portraits. The location you helped to choose was just perfect! We appreciate you letting Hannah, Josh & me in on some of the photos as well! You made that experience so special for Mackenzie! After we left, she told me how much fun she had and how special you made her feel during the whole photo session. She said that she loved the way you talked to her and complemented her all during the session. The senior year of high school is exciting anyway; but you made hers even more memorable. I’ve already seen some of the pictures posted on your website and they are fabulous! No one could have done a better job! Thank you for taking your time to make this an unforgettable experience for all of us!

Rhonda Griffin
12.Lynne Townsend Photography...Providing Exceptional HDR Real Estate Photography
Lynne- I don't know how you do it but you are sure able to capture the beauty of the moment and make us aging ladies look like the rock stars we wanna be :)
What great photos!!!!! As usual we are thrilled to pieces with your work.

Thank you sooooo much for working with us!

Hugs and smiles;
11.Lynne Townsend Photography...Providing Exceptional HDR Real Estate Photography

Thank you so much. Dave and I really enjoyed working with you. We talked about how patient you are and how you made us feel really confident, which was important because we're not usually comfortable in front of a camera.
10.Lynne Townsend Photography...Providing Exceptional HDR Real Estate Photography

I'm so sorry I haven't written. I was so sick the week I was teaching in Gatlinburg and this past Thursday, James had his shoulder surgery and is in alot of pain from that. I now have two babies!!!

At any rate - your photos are fabulous, wonderful, incredible - so completely awesome. Please understand the only reason I haven't raved is because of everything going on for us. We had a wonderful wedding day and the memories of it are just sealed beautifully with those photos. Thanks so much for being a part of it!

You are right about the cute baby contest. I love the pics of Bryson more than any of the others. There are a couple of me and him that are just so sweet. Thanks thanks thanks.
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